LILOGI.COM presents SCARF BLANCHE, an ongoing collaboration whereby renowned artists and designers treat one scarf as their blank canvas. Each edition showcases an artist's unique vision through the creation of a stand-alone product.
We launch SCARF BLANCHE in collaboration with Ronnie Wood, the acclaimed visual artist best known for his career as a guitarist for the Rolling Stones. Maintaining the integrity of Ronnie's original painting, we refashioned his 'Wild Horses' artwork into a scarf that evokes the free spirit of our new initiative.


The art of storytelling, one scarf at a time.


Lilogi and Ronnie Wood have recreated Ronnie's 'Wild Horses' painting for the premiere edition of SCARF BLANCHE.

We selected 'Wild Horses' from Ronnie's archive for its energetic beauty and because horses are prevalent within much of his artwork. Whether sketching horses on his farm in Ireland or as a backdrop for his bandmates onstage, Ronnie often portrays the animal in motion. A similar ease and natural movement distinguish any well-designed scarf. Printed in warm earth tones, our 'Wild Horses' scarf embodies strength and heart - two elements that enhance the art of personal style.

Ronnie Wood's 'Wild Horses' scarf is available now exclusively at Lilogi.


Having discovered his artistic talents at a young age, famed guitarist Ronnie Wood pursued formal training at London's Ealing Art College. From there, he went on to perform in the iconic bands The Jeff Beck Group and Faces before joining the Rolling Stones in 1975. Over the decades that followed, Ronnie's enthusiasm for creating visual art was renewed.
Ronnie's multimedia paintings, drawings, and prints feature a broad spectrum of subject matter, from pop culture icons to ballerinas to animals. His portraiture, in particular, depicts his intimate moments with the Rolling Stones and the vibrant lives that surround him daily. Much like the music he composes and plays onstage, his painting style is thoughtful yet spontaneous and full of feeling. About his work in the art studio Ronnie has said, "There is no kind of therapy like the one you have from starting and seeing a picture through to the end."
Ronnie's 'Raw Instinct' collection of original and limited edition pieces is currently on display at the Castle Fine Art Gallery in London.